• Lisen Frey (U10) at the Loup Loup Wolf Chase GS
  • Some U12 boys cheer on the girls at the 2013 Wild Katz slalom start (Rob Paek)
  • U16s at Mt. Hood (Heidi Henry)
  • image
  • Lauren Koper and Alexandra Schoenstadt (U10s) on the podium at the 2013 Apple Cup
  • Xander Paek (U10) at the Loup Loup Wolf Chase Slalom
  • Emma Ireton (U12) skis through a slalom gate
  • Tyler Cave (U10) at the Loup Loup Wolf Chase GS
  • Otto VanDerhoef (J4) races the slalom course at the 2012 Buddy Werner Championships (Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho)
  • The TAS girls getting ready for the 2013 Wild Katz award ceremony (Steve Haas)
  • Annelise Schwisow (U10) in her furry podium hat!
  • image
  • Anna Mounsey edges around a GS gate at Teton Pass, Montana.
  • Millie Henry (U16) training at the Apex pre-season camp.
  • 2013 Team Picture
  • TAS U12 Girls having fun at the Wild Katz Award Ceremony (Rob Paek)
  • Coaches Evan Weiss & Jimmy Matthiesen
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